Consultancy for Small Businesses

Consultancy isn't just for large corporations. Our consultancy comes with a "How can we help?" approach that is designed to be suitable for small businesses.

Small organizations often do not have a permanent resource with expertise in all fields. We can provide expertise in IT, information management, business processes, the internet and many other fields. When you need specialist advice, you call in a specialist, and in Celtic Grid you will be dealing with a specialist who fully understands the issues and demands associated with a small business.

We offer "How can we help?" services on an hourly basis if required and can be flexible about when we meet with you. We understand that finding time during normal working hours can often be difficult and will meet with you outside those hours if necessary. We do not charge for introductory discussions.

Clearly the level to which we can help will depend on your requirements, and we are happy to discuss those to ensure that we can indeed deliver benefit. We will not accept work where we do not honestly believe we can add value. To understand us a bit better, check out our About Us page.

We apply the same professional approach to small businesses as we do to large corporations. Whether you need an hour of our time or a month, our services are delivered to the same high standard. If you think we may be able to help you, please get in touch with us.

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