Program & Project Management

Organizations of all sizes recognize the risks involved with the management of change. To implement these changes while minimizing risk requires the use of professional program or project management skills.

We can bring over 20 years of program and project management expertise to your company. That experience ranges from small value to multi-million dollar projects and across a wide range of industry sectors.

We have experience of the full project life-cycle and are PRINCE2 Qualified Practioners.

All projects are governed by the classic triangle of constraints - Cost, Time and Scope. It is important that the management of projects allows the project team to deliver within those constraints in such a manner as to deliver a quality product.

We are familiar with balancing those classic constraints, the relative importance of which can change during the project lifetime, and with the various techniques available to mitigate risks. We also have experience of the different approaches to project work, from the classical, linear approach to prototyping and Rapid Application Development techniques.

Most important of all, we recognize that the project management approach needs to be tailored to the project, the purpose of the project and the organization for which the project delivers benefits. That means that you get a service from us that best meets your needs.

As well as project management we have 10 years experience of program management - the management of resources to most effectively deliver a portfolio of projects to support corporate goals.

If you are seeking a program or project management resource, please get in touch with us. We will be happy to discuss our experience in more detail to assess how we can best help you.

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