Domains and Hosting

We specialize in website development for small businesses, sports clubs, other small organizations and individuals and families. However, designing and building a website is no good unless people can see and visit it, and that's where the subject of Domains and Hosting comes in.

Most Internet Service Providers (ISP) will provide you with some free web space as part of your basic deal. If this is all you need then we will help you get your website up and running on your ISP servers. It can be as simple as that.

However, if you want your own domain, such as then you will need to purchase the domain name. This is inexpensive and simple to do, but if you require help we'll assist with the choice of the domain name and ensure it is registered in your name. That last point is important - we may help you, we might even manage the domain for you, but you will own it.

If you use your own domain you will need somewhere to host it. We do not host websites as this is a specialist function which we believe should be left to the specialists. We will, however, help you choose an appropriate package from a suitable hosting company.

As part of the development of your website we will draw up a list of keywords which describe your site and which you think your visitors are most likely to use when searching for your site. Once the website is hosted and available, we will complete the process to instruct the main search engines (such as Google) to visit your site and index it accordingly. This is part of the basic service - we do not charge specially for this service.

If you have your own domain name you might wish to take advantage of your own email addresses based on that domain, such as Again, we can help you create the necessary mailboxes and show you how to manage them.

Finally, when the website is up and running, we are there to provide support for you. Any typographical errors or coding bugs discovered after the site is up and running will be corrected at no cost to you. If you wish further development then that will be quoted and provided at additional cost. We see the creation of your website as the start of a business relationship, not a one-time sale.

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