Web Design and Development

The design of your website will depend on your requirements. We will work with you to understand the purpose of your website so that the solution will perfectly match your needs.

Early stages will include sketching ideas on paper - a basic set of wax crayons can be a very powerful tool in visualizing your preferred solution. This will give you an initial feel as to how things will look and how the site will be structured.

This early design stage will include us understanding any logos, color schemes or themes that you wish to include in the site. Although all this may sound a lot of work it is usually fairly quick, and once the initial draft is agreed we produce a prototype for you to see online. What looks okay on paper sometimes doesn't translate to your computer screen.

At every stage we will review the design against your requirements to ensure that the proposed solution, although it may be evolving, still meets those requirements.

Having agreed the final design, we will then start to write the necessary code.

Throughout the development period we will keep you informed of progress and, once the site framework is ready, will let you review it. These reviews help reduce surprises later on in the process and help to assure you that we are on the right track. If at any stage you feel the site isn't working, or that you are not happy with our interpretation of your requirements, you may simply pay for the work done to that point and we will hand over all design and code to you. By using regular review points, we haven't lost a customer yet.

Once the main development phase is complete you will have access, on a test system, to fully review and check out the pages. We carry out full technical testing, including checking the site on various browsers, on different screen resolutions, etc. We are also rigorous in testing for security and exception (error) handling - your visitors won't always do what you want them to do and your site needs to work as you want, whatever they do.

Only when you are happy with the website will we publish it onto the internet.

It is important to note that at this point all the code we have produced is made available to you. Should you wish to pass the continued development of your site to someone else we do not hold back the data needed to make that handover as smooth as possible.

Once the website is up and running we are happy to continue to support and develop it. We can implement websites using Content Management System (CMS) tools that allow you to update the site yourself, though these often have limitations.

If you wish we can assist with providing website statistics, showing you how your visitors are using your site, where your visitors come from, and a mass of other information that helps to determine if your website is meeting your requirements.

At all stages of this process we will be fully open about the costs involved. We will agree our charges with you for each subsequent phase and provide best estimates for the phases further down the development process. Every website is different, and everybody's requirements are different so we do not publish a fixed price list - but talking to us in the first instance is free so why not get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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