Consultancy can be a very vague term. This section might be better entitled "How Can We Help?" because we have a broad set of business experiences from which you may be able to benefit.

Sometimes it is simply a different viewpoint on things that is required. Sometimes the need is for more resources. Whatever the reason, we offer a full range of consultancy services delivered by Masters in Business Administration (MBA) qualified personnel.

We have experience in all areas of corporate function, from Finance to Marketing, from Operations to IT, and that experience has been gained in both service and manufacturing sectors.

Whether you simply want an outside view for a day's brainstorming, an interim manager for a short period while you restructure or a specific piece of analysis needs to be carried out, we believe we may be able to help.

Clearly the level to which we can help will depend on your requirements, and we are happy to discuss those to ensure that we can indeed deliver benefit. We will not accept work where we do not honestly believe we can add value. To understand us a bit better, check out our About Us page.

To give you some idea of our experience and therefore the areas in which we may be able to help, here are some high level areas in which we have operated:

  Banking / Finance
  IT / Technology
  Mergers & Acquisitions
  Systems Integration
  User Interface Design
  Systems Design

  Business Analysis
  Program & Project Management
  Process Re-engineering
  Customer Retention
  Strategic Planning
  Business analysis
  Package Implementation
  3rd Party Management

The same professional approach is delivered to all sizes of business, from small local firms to global enterprises. Whether you need an hour of our time or a month, our services are delivered to the same high standard. If you think we may be able to help you, please get in touch with us.

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